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After scheduling your New Patient appointment (either online or by phone) you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to print out and complete your paperwork before your visit or if you’d rather complete your paperwork in person, please arrive 30 minutes early and the staff will provide you with the necessary forms.

On the day of your first visit, the doctor will fully review the history of your condition to better understand your symptoms, how they began, what makes them better and worse and how they are affecting your activities to most accurately diagnose the possible causes.

The doctor will then perform the necessary orthopedic, neurologic and/or functional examinations to finalize his working hypothesis of your condition and create the most appropriate treatment plan.

Some of the therapies that may be used include:
•    (ART) Active Release Techniques Soft Tissue Therapy
•    (IASTM) Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
•    K-Laser Therapy
•    Kinesio Taping
•    Physiotherapies, Joint Manipulation
•    Specific Stretching and/or Rehabilitative/Stabilization Exercises

Before you leave, the doctor will answer any questions you may have and will provide you with information about your condition, specific instructions on options for home exercises, proper biomechanics, ice/heat therapy, posture correction and ergonomic changes.


Our doctor is out-of-network provider for most insurance companies and full payment is required at the time of service. We are in-network providers for BCBS Illinois, United Healthcare, and Medicare.


Everyone is aware of the changing landscape of healthcare today. For each year we accepted Health Insurance, we weathered 15-20% reimbursement reductions from health insurance companies.

This environment has made it impossible to maintain our in-network status and continue spending the time required to provide the detailed care we have always offered.

To stay in-network with health insurances, our doctors would be forced to reduce their one on one time with each patient from the current 15-20 minutes, down to 5-7 minutes in order to see the patient volume necessary to make up for the reimbursement reductions and maintain a viable practice.

Frontline Spine & Sport was created with the sole focus of providing extraordinary care. We will never allow anything to reduce your time with our doctors and denigrate the quality of care you receive from our office.

Our out-of-network status allows our doctors to be able to continue providing you with the care you’ve come to expect and also keep saving you money with the rapid results our detailed care provides.

To learn more about our visit options and pricing please visit the -Schedule an Appointment Online Page in the Patient Center.


New patients are often unsure if they should go to their primary care physician, an orthopedic specialist or our office when experiencing discomfort or a nagging condition.

We like to think of our office as a “Frontline” of defense when dealing with common musculoskeletal injuries. We can assist you by rapidly evaluating and determining the cause of your pain and then construct a precise protocol to succinctly resolve your condition.
If at any point it appears as though your condition is not something we can help you with, the appropriate referral will be made immediately.

Any type of acute traumatic injury such as a severe fall with possible fractures/dislocations or any extremely debilitating pain should be evaluated by an emergency room, your family physician or an orthopedic specialist. Once cleared for rehabilitative training we can then step in to assist you in your recovery and return to normal activity.