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Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

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You ever wonder how the high level athletes get screened prior to signing an eight figure contract, jk? Well, many practitioners screen using both SFMA and FMS. SFMA is an assessment to locate or identify dysfunction. Dysfunction can me categorized by either a tissue extensibility dysfunction, a joint mobilization dysfunction,  or both. Dr. Moreno, certified in SFMA, uses this screening as a tool to help identify and locate the the source of the problem with a patient. Once identified the appropriate treatment/technique can be utilized to help the patient. Dr. Moreno is certified in Active Release , Graston Techniques, and is a Certified K-Laser Provider. For any questions please contact Frontline Spine & Sport at 309-755-2311.


Using the SFMA, gives the information that every doctor and patient is looking for. It tells the doctor what stadium to go to, preferably Wrigley Field, what section, what row, and in many cases, what seat to sit in. The SFMA saves the patient and the practitioner valuable time and actually is treating what is wrong rather than symptoms. ”  Dr. Anthony Moreno